Wednesday, October 24, 2007

finally in sync

I know, I know... I'm never going to make it to Outland if I keep rolling alts, but I can't help it.... *twitch*

I rolled a paladin last night for a new experimental duo with my husband. He rolled a shaman, and after clearing our starting areas, we met up in Falconwing Square to play through the area outside Silvermoon, since neither of us have played there in so long. (Neither of us are in the mood to work through Durotar again, but I imagine we'll wander back to the Crossroads when we're level 14ish since we know it so well, stacking the quests will be second nature.)

We played together a lot when we both had toons Alliance side, but then I created an Orc hunter that I really liked. He finally decided to join me in the Horde, but my toon was way ahead. Ever since, we've made plans to play together, but it's been a nearly continuous game of leapfrog. He started a warlock to play with my hunter (instant 4-man group!), so I started leveling up my mage instead, so he could catch up. Then we decided a healer/tank duo might be nice, so he started a warrior and I started a priest shortly after. I was distracted, however, because my Orc had gained a lot of double xp, and I reallllly wanted to get my first mount. So, while I was leveling her to 40, my priest fell way behind his warrior. I finally started playing my priest, and sometime after that, my husband made a priest, too. (Something to do while waiting, I guess.) My priest is almost caught up to his warrior now, so we almost have our nice tank/healer duo, but not quite yet...

So, yesterday, I threw out the idea of a different tank/healer duo (paladin/shaman) and he thought it sounded cool. He added that if we did it, we should start the toons at the same time. How logical! So, finally, we're on the same page. It was SO fun to play together again. We pretty much obliterated everything in our path, and that certainly added to the fun. We're moving through the quests quickly, so it will probably get challenging before we know it. So far there's a lot of running and little downtime. It helps that we're sitting next to each other and can talk about what we're doing next. We logged when we both hit level 8.

I think the only hassle with this duo is going to be class training, since there aren't as many paladin trainers to pick from in Kalimdor. Given our firepower, I don't think it's going to be critical to train at every possible level though, so I think we'll be fine.

I never planned to play a paladin, so now I'm catching up on my reading. Looks like I should probably go protection, so I can tank for us in instances. Suggestions for interesting builds are welcome...

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