Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tales for the L33t

No time for a full entry today, so instead, I present...

Tales for the L33t: Romeo + Juliet

The date says 1999, and I think that's approximately when I first saw this. Too funny. I was in graduate school at the time, and had been away from chatrooms for a couple years. (I was active in our university wide chat when I was an undergrad, but I don't remember folks using any of the abbreviations common today. I do remember when people started using emoticons though. :-o )

Chatspeak had evolved quite a bit when I wasn't looking. I wasn't familiar with some of the words (rox0r and similar variants, for example), but I got the gist of it from random folks I ran into playing Diablo II. All the general chats in WoW are still sprinkled with this stuff...

Anyway, enjoy!


Me said...

As a long time WoW player I highly recommed using the command "/leave 1" or "/leave general" often.

I've also noticed that often, but not always, '1337' speak is a good sign of a poor/immature player.

Oh, a late comment on your fears of partying w/ your hunter. Like anything else working in groups will take a little practice.

One thing you can perfect outside of the party environment is trapping. Find a two mob pull, have your pet tank one, and chain trap the other. See how long you can string him along before you have to kill him.

If you want the full dungeon experience then find some elites near your level to do this with.

Ess said...

Thanks -- this is is excellent advice! I did leave all the public channels recently (trade and local defense, in addition to general). Much more peaceful. :)

I really do need to practice my trapping. My fear is that I'll be in an instance, and someone will ask me specifically to keep a mob trapped, and I'll screw it up. We'll wipe, people will point and laugh, etc. Oh my. Definitely gotta get practicing!